First annual Vegan Tamale Fest at Papalote’s tomorrow!  »

Vegansaurus already loves Papalote, and with the news of the first annual Vegan Tamale Fest, the love, it is growing. As Broke-ass Stuart points out, there are tons of confirmed attendees on Facebook. B-AS also says something about vegans farts stinking but I think that might be something about vegans having regular bowel movements because of the healthy food we eat. Lots of omnis are so fucked-up internally that they forgot what a good, solid shit feels like. JUST A GUESS. Finally, many apologies.

Anyway, my name has just been added to the Facebook event! Let the obesity begin! Or, continue!

The fine print: It’s tomorrow, Saturday, Dec. 19, from 11 a.m. until they run out. Only at the 24th Street location! So sad, too bad, other location in the middle of nowheresville, USA. Population: losers! OH SNAP.

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