Tom’s vegan shark shoes are summer-perfect! And benefit shark conservation!  »

Is there anything better than madras plaid shoes? Duh, no. Except maybe for madras plaid shoes that are both vegan and designed and sold to benefit the “protect[ion] of sharks and their environment.” Thanks, Toms!

Per Ecouterre, these shoes were designed in “collaboration with the University of Miami’s R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program" and "inspired by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie’s shark-diving experience" with that program. Proceeds from the sale of each pair "go to protect sharks and their environment." They’re not saying what percentage of the proceeds will be donated, or where the money will go, but Toms has been a trustworthy company so far, with its shoes-for-you, shoes-for-a-shoeless-child program (which is still in effect with this style, incidentally), right? So maybe you want a pair! If they had them in my size (stupid men’s sizing) I would have bought them before I even wrote this. Madras is my favorite plaid! And I am crazy about plaid.

Tom’s vegan madras plaid shark shoes, $54 online.

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