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Happy New Year! Along with other things that are inappropriate to say at the end of January, such as, “Why is the Christmas tree still up?” and “Why isn’t there a WHITE History Month?”

It’s 2011, the holidays are a distant memory, fake summer is here, and it’s time for the triumphant return of SF Vegan Drinks. I bet you forgot all about it! I did too, until Lyndsay sent us this boss press release that I’ve thoughtfully cut and pasted:

Just a heads-up that the January installment of Vegan Drinks is Thursday, Jan. 27 at Martuni’s (Valencia @ Market Streets). It’s been two months since our last meeting, and is the first Vegan Drinks of 2011, so let’s make it big! As always, there will be a great drink special (this month: $5 Vegan Bloody Mary’s), a host of nonalcoholic beverage options, and all-you-can-eat vegan hot dogs and popcorn!

SF Vegan Drinks is, as always, sponsored by VegNews and Vegansaurus, and runs from 6 to 8 p.m. Have something to say? The mic opens at 7:45 for announcements about any veg projects you’ve been working on. Don’t worry, no bad open-mic poetry, we promise!

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