A vegan dinner party from Bon Appetit magazine  »

Check it out! A friend sent us some scans of an article in the January 2010 issue of Bon Appetit—it’s a vegan dinner party, with pretty pictures and recipes! AWESOME.

Would anyone like some cake? How about cake on the beach?

On the menu
Guacamole with basil and shallots
Fried sunchoke chips with rosemary salt
Pan-seared polenta with spicy tomato-basil sauce
Quick-sauteed kale with toasted pine nuts
Italian beer
Italian red blend

Arugula salad with oranges and caramelized fennel
Chocolate cake with chocolate-orange frosting
Pinot grigio
Oatmeal, fig, and walnut bars

After the jump, the (pertinent) photos and (all!) the recipes are presented to you, from us, without comment. Because we love you!

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