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Finding a vegan laptop bag isn’t really the most difficult thing in the world but finding a dope one? Chances are slim. Lucky for you, I’m here with the vegan laptop bag round-up! Now, I’m not talking bags that could fit a computer, I mean like legit, padded laptop bags, all right? All right!

First shout out goes to Matt and Nat. Did you know they did some bags in collaboration with Apple? Well they did and they are fly. Here’s my favorite, the Ritual:

SO FLY. Matt and Nat also has some other dope laptop bags that aren’t in that collection, like the slick-ass Phoenix here:
I’m also into the Gordon but it’s a little busy.

From super awesome, eco-obsessed company Reveal we have this eco-denim number:

It’s a little exciting but not over-the-top.

Next we have The Kate by San Francisco’s Acme Made:
This one is a bit futuristic, I’m into it. Not the Jetsons future, the Matrix future. Plus, matching change purse? BONUS.

From Etsy, we have the Niko:

This one is kind of siiiiick, bra. Very handsome indeed.

This iPad case from Reveal is so dope, I’m about to buy an iPad. There are some excellent manly ones, too. That I also need. It’ll be great, I’ll get an iPad and dress her up in different outfits every day!

That’s five-plus-one for now! Soak it in. Which one is your favorite? I need a new laptop bag but I can’t decide. I’m allergic to decisions.

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