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It’s Paul Shapiro’s weekly Animal News You Can Use! Yay!

First and foremost, don’t miss last night’s ABC World News feature on the new undercover investigation by Compassion Over Killing that led USDA to shut down a major California slaughter plant this week. Impressive.

Also, this week New Jersey’s largest paper officially endorsed the state’s bill to ban gestation crates for pigs, even citing in its endorsement the op-ed referenced in last week’s email. Boom.

Speaking of pigs, food service giant Aramark announced with HSUS that it will require its pork suppliers to end their use of gestation crates. Bring it.

Finally, five years in a row, VegNews readers have voted HSUS their favorite animal protection group. You can help make it six by voting for us in this year’s Veggie Awards! [Ed.: Vote for Vegansaurus for favorite blog and Ask Laura for favorite column, too, if you want xoxoxoxoxo!]

Video of the week: when cats get caught barking…

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