Fifty horses going to slaughter if they can’t be rehomed!?  »

Brock at SFist alerts us to this SUPER DUPER sad Craigslist ad from the Free section (don’t put animals in the free section, assholes!) (oh, wait, it’s been flagged, that’s probably why!). Anyway, here’s what the ad looked like:
I’ve put a call into the number listed (440/ 463-4288) and uh, let’s see what we can do. This is ridiculous and so freaking sad. UGH. If you can think of any way to help, please do!!

UPDATE: The person’s voicemail is full and they’re not picking up but I also heard from a reliable source that all the horses were successfully re-homed?? I’ll post if I learn more and please let us know if you hear anything!

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