Vegan success! Animal- and environment-friendly organizations win free ads on BART!  »

Look for this ad on your BART car!

Remember back in April when we asked you to vote for some worthy causes to win ad space on BART, via BART Blue Sky? Duh of course you do, you hang on our every word. Well, if you voted for our pals at the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (formerly the Coalition to Fight Factory Farming), get ready to pat yourself on the back for a couple of clicks well-placed, because they won second place! And good old Earthjustice came in third! Hooray!

Our pal, FFAC President and founder Katie Cantrell, sent us previews of their onboard and station ads. They’re pretty friendly, right? Just, hey, it sucks to be an animal on a factory farm; ensure fewer of them suffer by observing Meatless Monday. Money quote from the FFAC press release:

We know BART riders are concerned about the environment, yet many people don’t realize that animal agribusiness is responsible for 18 percent of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, more than the entire transportation sector. … If we really want to spare the air, we should all eat more plant-based meals. We can start by participating in Meatless¬†Monday.

See this ad in BART stations! 

These ads will run throughout September, so maybe look up from reading that thoroughly engrossing novel/Dlisted on your phone (I SEE YOU) (me) and check out the ads you voted for! Your eyeballs deserve to look at something besides that dour girl in a severe haircut and native California plants.

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