Welcome to Vegansaurus Giveaway Week!  »

Here ye, here ye! Every day this week, we will host a different giveaway for an awesome prize! Rules are the same as usual, just leave a comment on the giveaway post answering whatever genius question we’ve presented.* We will read the comments, pick winners and then email them when the giveaway closes. You could be a winner! Well, you’re all winners to us. But now you could be a winner with some dope free shit!

Spoiler alert: prizes include yummy fake meats, lovely vegan skincare products, and we’ve lined up something extra special for the rescue pooch in your life! So make sure you come back and enter every day. I’ll be posting today’s giveaway shortly. I’m so excited! Happy Giveaway Week!

*Update: sorry if this is unclear, this post is not giving anything away, it’s announcing there will be giveaways all week! When a giveaway post goes up, it will detail how to enter. But they will all be the same as usual—leave a comment answering the question in that specific post.

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