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A couple weeks ago we told you about new San Francisco vegan business¬†Picnic Bakery, and we’re back with word on the deliciousness of their delicious treats! And they ARE delicious. Owner Emily was kind enough to drop off a variety for us to try and we were alllllll over it. And by we, I mean me and Meave because seriously, screw everyone else IT’S CAKE. JK jK, you’re all great, but really: CAKE. Also, cupcakes. And pies. And something called PEPPERMINT PANDAS, which are basically as cute and delicious as real-life pandas.

Since I took terrible pictures of everything, I just went ahead and stole some photos from Picnic Bakery’s blog. So, first things first, let’s run down the goodies that we tried, and I’ll go ahead and encourage you to order some stuff ASAP¬†to try for yourself because there was a point at which I was singing “Satellite of Love” to the peanut butter pies. Shine your light on me, you gorgeous chocolate orbs.

First up, the aforementioned PEANUT BUTTER PIE!
What we tried is one of the smaller ones in the background. These things were OFF THE CHAIN. For those of you who are currently in a romantic relationship with the classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate (those of you with beating hearts and taste buds), these things are ridic. Meave says, “Super creamy and fluffy, it was really rich, but also remarkably delicate. Like black tie peanut butter.” BLACK TIE PEANUT BUTTER Y’ALL.

Next! Peppermint Pandas!
They’re basically little chocolate cakes stuffed with peppermint cream and covered in chocolate ganache HOLY JESUS. Meave muses, “The peppermint cream was not too creamy, not too dry, not too minty, not too chocolaty, but clearly and satisfyingly minty-chocolaty.” I love these so much, so so much.

They were IT. If you love chocolate or coconut or happiness, these will rock your socks off. Or get your rocks off. Whichever one of those sayings is sexual, that’s what these will do. Meave liked them (specifically that the cupcake cake was chocolaty, moist, and tender) but she’s not one for coconut so they were not IT for her. More for Laura, come to mama!

Gingerbread tiny cakes!
I didn’t try these because I was on my way out the door to LONDON (that’s right, I was on vacation, sue me!) but Meave polished them off (FRESH!) [Meave note: On the advice of Mama Beck! Who loved them probably as much as she loves Laura!] and said, “a little bite of the best gingerbread you ever had, plus lemony cream cheese frosting HELLO YES. Ginger isn’t my No. 1 jam but these were really good. I think they work particularly well as minis, they’re so flavorful you don’t want to eat a million of them.” And I can say that they were really cute and pretty and the candied orange peel look divine!

Basically, everything was winner winner fuck dinner we’re eating CAKE. If you know anything about anything, you know that I all I want to do is pile into a big bubbly bathtub (a hot tub?) with all of you naked and eat these cakes until we have to get out and take showers and all of a sudden, 18 years later, I’m like, “Remember that night in the big bubbly bathtub with all that cake? Well, here’s your son!” I don’t know what I’m saying but basically, these cakes were so freaking good. They were totally pure junk food, but decadent and very well done. I’m super excited for the store to open in Upper Haight, and until then, I suggest we all hire Picnic Bakery to cater everything forever.

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