Matt & Nat, Vaute Couture on sale at Pure Citizen!  »

Pure Citizen, which is like Gilt Groupe for eco/humane/fair-trade/etc. companies, is featuring vegan products! Every week they choose a nonprofit to highlight, and this week’s is Peta, so all their merchandise is vegan. Vaute Couture stuff is on sale until tomorrow; Matt and Nat until Friday, Feb. 11 (the sales last 72 hours). They also have a sale on cool vegan perfume company A Perfume Organic—I’m into their graphic design.

You have to register to even look at the stuff but it’s super-simple, you just have to put in your name. Bam! Easier than spotting a beard in Williamsburg. Still annoying but they say that’s the only way they can offer these LOW, LOW PRICES! So just register already, GOD.

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