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Animal Planet reported record highs in Puppy Bowl viewership! The premier drew in 1.7 million people and the total viewers for the entire day of re-airings was 9.2 million. Yowza! That’s kind of hilarious. I watched for a bit and it was mesmerizing. The kitty halftime show was a must-see! CB, Jonas’ pick, was declared MVP! Big deal—Calvin should have won. But whatevs.

I wanted to know if any of the players were adopted so I did a little detective work for you guys—because I’m the best—but despite being basically Sam Spade, I couldn’t find much about most of the puppies’ current adoption status. The main thing is that the Puppy Bowl was filmed in October! This is shocking! Scandal! I thought it was live. By now, over three months later, I think most of the puppies have already been adopted and have been taken off petfinder. Here are the ones I did find info for: Big Red's¬†adoption is “pending application approval.”¬†Jack was adopted. Mae was adopted. And then according to people on Facebook, CB was adopted. But I’m willing to bet all the Puppy Bowl stars have been adopted by now because, hello! They’re adorbs!

[photo via Animal Planet]

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