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I’ve been following this story on Facebook for a while now and it’s long past time I post something about it. The beautiful dog above is named Rocket. He’s from Australia and currently in quite a predicament.

The story is that during a storm, a fence broke, he was spooked and got out of the backyard. Like a good boy, he went to his porch and waited by the door for his mom and dad to come home. At this point, somebody reported him as a loose dog. Because of breed-specific legislation and because he resembles a pit bull-type dog, he is now being held at an undisclosed location while his family fights to save his life and get him back. So sad. 

People have donated to help Rocket and because of this, they were able to get Rocket a lawyer. Here is the latest update from their page:

After appearing in the Supreme Court today, we are pleased to advise that we have been granted with leave to appeal Vcat’s Decision. We are today a little step closer in hopefully getting our beloved boy back.

A Big Thank You to all who are supporting Rocket through this tough time. We would have never had an opportunity to save our boy without your assistance.

Please continue to check in to Rockets Page for future updates on new hearing dates. We hope to have some new news on Rocket Soon. We have still not been made aware of where he is, or how he is. But we are trying our absolute hardest to find out.

We miss him so much.

They are still far from through this, though, and if you can donate, they would be grateful. We can’t all donate yet because they are still working on an international Paypal, but I think we have some readers in Australia. Here is the info for donating:

To donate, email with your name, the amount, and if you want to remain anonymous or not.
Account Details:
National Australian Bank
Account Name: ForDogsSake Australia
Account BSB: 083-175
Account Number: 14-117-2498

I encourage you to check out Rocket’s Facebook page and do all you can to support him. 

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