There’s a vegan on KQED’s Check, Please! Bay Area tonight! Well, okay, she’s vegan at home and vegetarian out in the world but for TV, we’ll take it! They visit Source, one of our favorites, and featuring our own Jenny Bradley's decadent desserts!! Jenny. GIRL. You are out of control and I love it! 

This show is so funny and weird, and Leslie Sbrocco is a vision. She just seems like so much fun! I just want to grab a jug of wine and curl up on the couch with her and tell ghost stories. Or like, have her tell me about the one time she went on a date with Don Johnson. RIGHT?? You know she has stories! Seriously, if you have not treated yourself to a Check, Please! marathon on KQED’s website, you don’t care about your life at all period. 

The best part of this particular episode? Everyone loved Source! Yay! Even the omnivores flipped for it because they know what’s up. Oh, and you can even catch of glimpse of Jenny at 7:42! HEY GIRL HEY!!!

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