VeganMoFo: International eats! First up: vegan pâté from England!  »

This VeganMoFo, we’re going to be exploring International Vegan Foods! Very delicious! Muy delicioso! Sehr lecker! Веома укусно! 아주 맛있는! We love VeganMoFo very much, so we’re gonna have a great time and party like it’s VeganMoFo! Which it is, so we’ll just be eating a lot of International flavors for you, GET READY.

So, first up, vegetable pâté from granoVita! I picked up tons of this stuff at a grocery store in Aylesbury, England for 59 pence a container! That’s roughly two million U.S. dollars, but it’s still worth it. Now, I am not having any luck finding it state side, but if you know where to get it, let me know, because we’re already more than half-way done with our cans and I’m already panicking. PANIC ON THE STREETS OF OAKLAND!

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