Cri de Coeur and 7 For All Mankind together? Vegan fashion dreams do come true!  »

Look what I just saw on Cri de Coeur’s FB page! This bag:

With this announcement:

CRI DE COEUR for 7 For All Mankind sustainable vegan cross body bag launches this month!!!!
The bag is ethically sourced and produced using high quality Italian vegan leather, will be sold exclusively at the 7 For all Mankind flagship stores starting mid October. Since both parties wanted to create an affordable sustainable timeless item, the retail price will be under $100.

OMG the heavens are aligning! There HAS to be a 7 For All Mankind flagship store in NY, right? Sustainable and less than $100 (seriously, under $100 from these people?!)? Yes please!

Side note: who is your dream vegan fashion+regular fashion label pairing? I’m thinking Pucci and Beyond Skin. That would blow my mind. 

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