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This is a combination product review and International Vegan MoFo entry: local vegan kimchi! And it is tremendous!

Kimchi, my friends, is a delicious, traditional Korean dish made with spicy red pepper and vegetables, and fermented until perfection.

Sinto Gourmet makes three kinds of kimchi, which they were all sampling at last month’s Eat Real Fest in Oakland. When I saw it, I flipped, tried all the samples, and immediately bought giant jars of the spicy napa cabbage and the spicy radish varieties.

This is spicy napa cabbage. Flavorful and crunchy, with lots of heat, it stinks up the kitchen, it burns in your tummy, and the fermentation is good for your gut. Sinto’s kimchi is vegan and gluten-free, which is great, because often kimchi is made with shrimp or fish sauce.

Even better, Sinto is a local company. Chef HyunJoo has lived in San Francisco since 2007, and operated Sinto Gourmet with her husband since 2010. Tune in tomorrow for my review of the radish kimchi (hint: SO GOOD).

I have loved kimchi since I could chew food, and I’ve really missed eating it. Now we can all buy it locally and eat it forever, which I will, because it doesn’t go bad no matter how long you keep it open. You’ll eat it fast, though, because it’s goddamn delicious.

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