Product review: Korean radish kimchi by Sinto Gourmet!  »

This is the second combination product review and International Vegan MoFo entry starring local vegan kimchi!

As I said yesterday, Sinto Gourmet makes three kinds of kimchi, which I sampled at the Eat Real Fest in Oakland last month. Because they are all amazing and I am not insane, I bought giant jars of the spicy napa cabbage and the spicy radish varieties on the spot.

This is a bowl of spicy radish. It is even spicier than the napa cabbage, and crunchier, because it’s mostly radish rather than thinner, leafier napa cabbage. It will still stink up your kitchen (or wherever you eat it) with its glorious aroma, and it burns all the way from lips to tum. But don’t worry, the fermentation is good for your gut, and makes the jar last forever in the fridge.

Sinto is a local company, and all their kimchi products are vegan and gluten-free (as opposed to traditional kimchi, which is often made with shrimp or fish sauce).

If you love spicy, crunchy, slightly stinky things, I strongly suggest you buy some Sinto Gourmet kimchi.

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