Bakers needed for next SF Vegan Bakesale! LET US DO THIS!  »

If you’re man enough to wield a spatula in the name of delicousness/cute animals, please email me! Everyone from professional bakers to 50-year-old dudes living in their mom’s basements are encouraged to bake! As long as you have the skills (or a good recipe), we want to pick up what you’re putting down. And put it into our mouths so please be sanitary. Last year we raised over $10,000 for charity with these bakesales so let’s totally pass that number x 10 this year. That’s a cool million folks. Further, I’m bad at math. BUT THE POINT IS: we need you!!

This bakesale will benefit Harvest Home Sanctuary, a new(ish) farm animal, cat, bunny, and dog sanctuary with all sorts of special and magical animals who need their vet bills covered, and Cycles of Change—hard to explain what they do in a few words but basically it’s about helping disadvantaged adults and youth to learn about and use bikes. They’re pretty much the greatest, read more about them here! These are two more-than-deserving causes so we hope you’ll bake your little buttocks off for them!

Actually important details
Saturday, Feb. 13 (the day before Valentines Day! Sweets for your sweet/Eat these sweets and you won’t die alone! We gotta work the couples and the singles!), 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in front of Ike’s Place. FINALLY AGAIN, email if you want to bake!

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