Gary Francione on Philosophy Bites: Animal abolitionism is the only way  »

Gary Francione means business.

Humane treatment is a fantasy, it’s on an¬†epistemological par with Santa Claus, bunny rabbits, Easter rabbits and things of that nature—silly. Humane treatment is impossible.

Philosophy Bites is a podcast series of short discussions of philosophical topics (duh). On Saturday, they had Gary Francione come discuss animal abilitionism.

If we take seriously the notion that we ought not to inflict unnecessary suffering on animals, the first thing we ought to do is all go vegan. … There’s something peculiar about discussing the moral status of animals when we’re killing and eating them for no reason whatsoever.

I strongly recommend you listen to the entire podcast—it is just under 17 minutes and it is pretty invigorating. They touch on the delightful (read: obnoxious) mollusk question, how disgusting Francione finds the concept of “happy meat,” and the effectiveness of abolitionism versus humane treatment.

So, let’s get into it: Where do you align yourself? Are you more of an abolitionist, or a welfarist?

One more quote to stoke the fire:

The most humanely treated animals are subjected to treatment which would be torture, which we would call literally torture if humans were involved.

There’s much more! Go listen, and let’s argue about the philosophy behind our vegan lifestyles.

[Photo by Keven Law via Flickr]

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