Check out Sōw, a new pop-up juice bar in San Francisco!  »

Hey everyone! What are you doing on Monday? Let’s hit up Sōw together for some delicious, healthy juice!

I went a couple weeks ago and HOT DANG, was I super pleased with everything! The juice is awesome and so are the juicers themselves, Luisa and Derek. Luisa told me they met as baristas at Blue Bottle, and look how their friendship has grown—now they’re business owners. So cute, and so inspirational! Portland can have their food trucks; I’m really proud of San Francisco and our phenomenal pop-ups!

I went on a Monday at almost 2 p.m., and most the juices were out. Which is a good thing! They did still have green juice, which is another good thing, as that was the juice I wanted. YUM! Also, Derek and Luisa were so nice to my last-call-style booty. 

Treat yourself to some juice! Check out Sōw at Pause Wine Bar from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Mondays and Saturdays. Don’t hesitate to follow them on Twitter and Facebook as well! I hear that every so often, there’s some sangria to be had!

This is how it looks from the outside. Don’t get lost like I did, even though the directions were in my phone! Pause Wine bar is at 1666 Market St. near Gough and Haight: Type it in.

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