10/25/2012 Pumpkin-Carving Contest!  »

Hello, pals! How are Halloween preparations going? Have you carved a pumpkin yet?! if you do, you should enter it in the pumpkin-carving contest!

Here are the details:

Pumpkin carving contest! Winner gets a free 8-Item Snack Pack with a mix of vegan/vegetarian jerky and desserts!

To Enter the Contest:
1) Carve a pumpkin
2) Share a photo of your carved pumpkin on the FakeMeats Facebook wall for 1 entry
3) Share this post on your wall for 10 MORE ENTRIES!

You have until Saturday, Oct. 27, to enter your pumpkin in the contest. The winner will be selected randomly and announced the following Monday.

It says vegan/vegetarian, but I’m sure you can just get vegan stuff if you win. Because vegetarian stuff is ew!

Turns out we are having a pumpkin-carving contest at work and I didn’t even have to plan it. I’m pretty excited. Not sure what I’ll do. They are going to partner us creatives up with the account dweebs in the office so they have a fair shot at making something cool.

Whichever account dweeb I get better not spoil my vision! Do you think they will mind if I make us carve a Vegansaurus jack-o-lantern?

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