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Paul Shapiro is back for his weekly dose of all the animal news that’s fit to print! Take it away, Paul!

You already know that US meat consumption is declining significantly, but did you know about the positive global trends on this front? See what this meat industry site has to say about it. That’s of course not to suggest that all is well by any means, since some countries, like China, continue to eat more and more meat. But is does offer some optimism.

Speaking of optimism, Target is the latest major pork buyer to announce that it will eliminate its purchase of pork from gestation crate systems.

Some cool new animated videos about factory farming came out this week, including one for adults and one for kidsThis one is particularly poignant.

I’m sure the overlap between readers of this weekly post and Wu-Tang fans is vast, so I may as well keep you in the loop on the critical news: You can go to bed tonight resting in the knowledge that GZA (who was a CA Prop 2 backer in 2008!) has now convinced Redman and Method Man to go vegetarian…

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