NYC: Celebrate/mourn the election with your fellow vegans!  »

Check it, yo: Our friends at SuperVegan are having a wild election night party! But wait, there’s more! Food will be provided by Chickpea & Olive and Dun-Well Doughnuts! If that doesn’t get you to this party, guess who’s DJing? THIS GUY! That’s right, DJ Megan Rascal, aka. DJ My Lil’ Pony, aka. The Dancing DJ, will be in full effect with your favorite ’60s and ’70s soul and rock and roll!

Besides, imagine how sad you’ll be sitting all alone when you hear the results. Or worse, what if you’re sitting with your omni friends while they celebrate/mourn! That would be the worst. Don’t be the worst.

Oh and my omni friend Kevin Karp is coming and if Obama loses, he says he’s making a new dish called the Meat Romney: “a veal chop, flip flopped over and over again until even the tender flavor born from cruelty is dried out into an awful leathery bland piece of waste.” OMG omnis are so cray. That’s super gross. But “Meat Romney” is hilar. Let’s just call him Meat from now on. What up, Meat?!

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 8 p.m.
Fontana’s Bar, 105 Eldridge St. (between Grand and Broome)

Be there or be, etc.

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