File under WTF: HuffPo has a piece about “passionate” farmers dedicated to preserving bison SO WE CAN EAT THEM. Here’s the amazing video from one such farmer where he first tells us how he fell in love with this amazing animal and then how great the meat is.

They are calling bison “the meat of the future.” Um, no it’s not, dummies! It’s the meat of Dances With Wolves; in-vitro meat is the true meat of the future! How much more future can you get than science-meat?! This whole article is ridiculous, actually: “I, personally, was touched by Ed’s story and his connection to the animals (something I think you’ll feel while watching the video). Being a former president of the National Bison Foundation, he’s eager to teach you all he can about the bison’s rich, yet devastating history and why it’s important to support small farmers like him to help grow the industry.”

I too was personally touched* by this video, touched by the WTF INSANITY! This is the end of the bison’s “devastating history”? To be served up as an “exotic” entree to “adventurous” foodies? Yeah, not only is grinding an animal into burger a totally dignified end, it’s also a great way to show you love them. Lesson learned! Come here, Figgy! I love you and I’m hungry!

*haaa not like that!

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