Emergency dog foster home needed in California! Please help!  »

On Sunday, this dog was found on a lonely country road near Stockton. She was half-starved and covered in fleas; swimming in a muddy irrigation canal. She was rescued by the kind-hearted folks at Harvest Home Sanctuary, where they cleaned her up and named her Lydia. They’d keep her and adopt her out but the issue is, she’s not great with small animals, and they’ve got a lot of small animals. Plus, they are just overwhelmed and need our help. Lydia’s in need of training but she’s receptive and already knows how to sit. Smart girl!

They need a foster home or adoption miracle right now like never before! These are the people who step up to rescue animals ALL THE TIME, animals that society has neglected and thrown out, and they need our help! There has to be SOMEONE out there who can take Lydia in and show her some love?  

If you think you’re up to task, please please please email TODAY! She only has a couple days and they are desperate for a good home. Save Lydia!!!

And if you do foster her but can’t adopt, I can promise you that we will feature her on Vegansaurus EVERY WEEK until she has a new home. Seriously, we will get her forever home in no time! She just needs a safe house until then! Or maybe you are that forever home? LOOK AT THAT FACE LET”S GIVE HER ALL THE KISSES.

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