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Guess who went to the vegan bakesale this weekend: STALIN! Just kidding! It was me. A few pals and I headed over there Saturday afternoon. Let me tell you all about it!

Because of the rain, Mercury Cafe hosted the bakesale, and damn, was it poppin’! There were tons of people and tons of baked goods. We ended up buying kind of A LOT of stuff. The omnivores were OBSESSED with the purple sweet potato bars. They were definitely good, but my heart was taken by a delicious slice of “monkey bread.” If you are like me, this is the first you’ve ever heard of monkey bread. It is not made of monkeys, nor is it for monkeys. Monkey bread is a delightful collection of balls of dough with cinnamon sugar baked in between. Holy hell, it was ooey-gooey awesomeness! Of course I also had some yummy mini chocolate cupcakes courtesy of Sugar Beat Sweets and ever-lovely Vegansaur Jordan. I love the peanut butter frosting! It’s salty-sweet. And why do things taste so good when they are mini?! Except mini-corn; it’s not as good as regular corn. That’s right, I said it! Mini cupcakes, though, off the hizzle!

Let’s see, what else did I try—kind of everything! I’m so serious; I’m having horrible sugar withdrawal as I write. I’m half-sugar, half-human! There were super-excellent pumpkin muffins, yummy maple oat scones (the food of my people!), crazy peanut butter oat cookie things, pineapple muffins and chocolate cookies galore! There were even these Swedish cardamom buns that my Swedish friend tried; she said they tasted like childhood! Really, everybody was beyond pleased. I for one was ecstatic. I spent a lot of money, ate my feelings, and $3,375 was raised for Haiti! Yay!

The PPK has the details on other vegan bakesales for Haiti across the country.

Beautiful collage photographed and assembled by my friend Emmet (the Swedish cardamom bun taste tester!). Thanks Emmet!

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