Los Angeles City Council passes Meatless Monday resolution!  »

Good job, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry and Councilman Ed Reyes! With the support of your colleagues, you made L.A. the largest U.S. city to lend its support to Meatless Mondays. Which is great! We are proud of your initiative.

Of course, we see this as ascending one more rung on the meatless ladder, eventually achieving such heights as Ghent’s civic Vegetarian Thursdays, and one day going full veg, once we become a totally socialist nation of bread lines and communes omg—but for now, it is a good step, a non-binding resolution, and we applaud it. As does our Meatless Monday spokesbeing, we’re sure.

We love you, Los Angeles! Congratulations!

[photo of Flore Vegan biscuits and gravy by Laura!]

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