Robin Robertson has got vegan Thanksgiving help for you!  »

You guys know that Vegansaurus loves Thanksgiving. Eatin’ and loved ones and time off work and more eatin’—no gifts, no religion, just good food and better company (or vice versa!).

Unfortunately, preparing a big, multi-dish meal for often mixed-diet company often causes loads of stress, which can put even the best-dispositioned of us entirely off Thanksgiving. But don’t fret! Vegan chef and author Robin Robertson is here for us! On Monday, she announced the opening of her holiday hotline, a series of posts full of her (very valuable!) holiday success advice. She also announced a contest to win a copy of Party Vegan, which you should totally enter.

Yesterday, she posted three example holiday menus, all the recipes on the first of which are available here! For more immediate help, VegNews is hosting a vegan Holiday Hotline on Twitter tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 14, at 6 PST/9 EST. The participants will include Robin, and her esteemed vegan food colleagues Nava Atlas, Ayinde Howell, Hannah Kaminsky, and Allyson Kramer. Check it out tonight at hashtag #vegnewschat. With their help, you could make Thanksgiving 2012 the fanciest ever! Or the least stressful! Whichever is more appealing/realistic!

[photo by Robin Robertson]

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