Got a heart? Foster some bunnies for Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary!  »

Things your Vegansaurus loves: Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary; bunnies.

Things your Vegansaurus advises you do: Foster some bunnies for Harvest Home!

As our pal Anne Martin says, “Opening your home to a single or bonded pair of bunnies for the holidays is a great way for them to get special TLC, and help them get ready to find their forever homes!”

We ask for a fostering commitment of at least one month.  You can specify a fostering end date, but we are particularly appreciative of foster homes that can keep their foster rabbit until they are adopted, which can be anywhere from two to nine months.

Harvest Home needs fosters for lots of different bunnies, in the following four categories:

Adoptable Rabbit Fosters: These rabbits have no special needs, they just need a foster home where they can get daily hop time, fresh salads, and love! These fosters will take their foster bunny to a monthly adoption event.

Special Foster: Rabbit Behavior: These fosters specialize in rabbits that need extra TLC because of their personality or past experiences that have left them shy, fearful, or protective. We would love fosters who have time to spend some one-on-one time with their foster bunny each day, to help them become more comfortable in a home environment. … These fosters will take their foster bunny to a monthly adoption event.

Special Foster: Rabbit Medical Care: These fosters have experience with rabbits, would like to specialize in special needs bunnies, and would be happy to foster a bunny with limited mobility (like a healed, formerly broken leg), congenital problems (like splay-leg), a rabbit that needs a daily oral medication, or a rabbit that needs to visit our vet occasionally for conditions like overgrown teeth, or a weepy eye. Harvest Home pays for all approved vet care, including medications. These rabbits would not be shown at adoption events until they receive a clean bill of health from the vet—they could be returned to Harvest Home at that time.  We can match the medical care foster rabbit to your level of experience.

Special Foster: Sanctuary Foster: These fosters take home a single or pair of rabbits who are in sanctuary care. Similar to adopting, these rabbits can live out the rest of their lives in their foster home, however, Harvest Home will pay all approved medical expenses for the life of the rabbits. People interested in becoming sanctuary fosters can meet the available sanctuary singles & pairs and select the rabbits that best fit their lifestyle.  We have many older bunnies who would love to spend their golden years in a home.

Harvest Home provides all the startup materials necessary for keeping a happy, healthy bun in your home, including a pen or cage, litterbox, dishes, and initial food. You feed your foster rabbit, and give him or her daily out-of-cage fun time.

If you’re interesting in fostering one (or more!) bunnies for Harvest Home, contact Anne. To see some of the bunnies available for adoption right now, including the three cutiepies in this post (Bugsy, Flower, and Dudley), check out Harvest Home’s Petfinder.

[Photos by Ian Elwood via Petfinder]

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