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We love cooking! But maybe you don’t! Or you find a huge Thanksgiving dinner way too much work. That’s OK! Here is a list of places you can celebrate your Thanksgiving, at restaurants or homes. You can volunteer to work and eat for free, or bring a dish to a potluck, or just show up, eat yourself silly, and roll on home. So many options! We’ll add to this list as we get more information, so please, send us tips! (And if you’d rather DINE IN, check out our resource guide for all your Thanksgiving roast, pie, etc., needs!)

Check out the Source Thanksgiving feast last year

THIS YEAR: We are serving a “Gobble Platter” all day on Thursday and Friday. It includes “Gobble” and gravy, creamed spinach, stuffing, candied yams, orange cranberry sauce and truffled bread for $19.95. Pumpkin spice snowballs and cheesecake will be available as well, though not included in the platter price. We are also going BYOB for Thanksgiving night, with a small corkage fee. 

Not sure what the exact plans are right now, but just go ahead and contact Millennium for more information at (415) 345.3900, ext. 10. 

This hasn’t been confirmed but we think it’s on! If you call, let us know in the comments?Two $60 prix fixe menus, one “traditional” with turkey, and one vegan! Contact Plant Cafe for details via email, or call (415) 984.1973. Reservations required. 3 to 9 p.m. 

If you call, can you please confirm for us! Sorry, I know, very helpful, but it’s been a crazy year for your Vegansaurus!

Oh, also! Some potlucks you can attend:

San Francisco Vegetarian/Vegan Thanksgiving Day Potluck (Sponsored by SFVS & SDA) 

Thursday, November 22, 3:00 p.m. The Loughborough Center, 1184 Broderick, near California Street, San Francisco
RSVP g-voice mail: 415-498-0385. Please speak slowly & clearly. $1 door donation with food. $10 without food. Vegan dishes preferred.

East Bay Vegan Thanksgiving Day Potluck (Sponsored by East Bay Veg*ns and SFVS)
Thursday, November 22, 4:00 p.m., UU Fellowship Church, 2nd Floor, Fire Place Room with a fireplace. (1606 Bonita Street, off Cedar Street, Berkeley —not too far from the North Berkeley BART)
$2 door donation with vegan cooked or raw food. $12 without food.
Please bring your own plates and utensils to minimize trash and landfill impact on the Earth. Contact Howard Dykoff or 510-562-9934 for reservations, details, or directions.


San Francisco (hosted by the lovely Flournoy household! Srsly, these people are not weird and very nice and cool, so it won’t be weird to go, as long as you’re not a weird weirdo!):

Napa Valley (don’t know these peeps but looks cool! OK, someone I trust vouched for their non-weirdness, so feel free going without fear of being weirded out!):

[photo via the lovely quarrygirl!]

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