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OK, so Thanksgiving is almost here. I think. It’s next week, right? To prepare for the main event, your Vegansaurus took one for the team and made a motherfucking UNTURKEY. I made it the original Unturkey way and I made one the new Miyoko Schinner one (she’s the original creator of the Unturkey and has made some alterations since the recipe was originally printed). 

They were both DELICIOUS, with the original way being slightly juicier, and the Miyoko way being easier to make and work with. However, you really can’t lose, especially with that tasty-ass, crispy yuba skin that takes so much like actual turkey skin, WHICH I KNOW GROSS RIGHT, but also: YUMMMM. Let’s not front, most of us don’t eat meat because it tastes disgusting, most of us don’t eat meat because that shit is a DEAD ANIMAL, and a tortured dead animal, at that, and that shit is hella sad. 

Just a few notes:

  • It’s much easier than it looks, so don’t be intimidated by either recipe. Just read through so you get the gist, and just have fun with it! (I’m saying that with a flip of the hair, it’s very sassy!)
  • If you can afford it, get the Hodo Soy Beanery yuba! It’s perfection when crispy-fied, and realllllly easy to work with! I bought it at Berkeley Bowl West, where they also have the dried yuba, which is much cheaper, but not organic and harder to work with. So, depending on budget, your call!
  • If you don’t want to make the “Light Nutritional Yeast Flavoring,” 1) YOU REALLY SHOULD, it’s not hard! and 2) You can use a vegan chicken broth in its place (they sell it in bulk at places like Rainbow and Berkeley Bowl)
  • This is outrageously tasty times, but if you have omnis who are dead set on eating actual dead turkey (WHY? EVERYONE KNOWS IT’S THE LEAST DELICIOUS OF ALL MEATS) and will complain about anything “fake,” then you might want to also have some non-traditional vegan centerpiece dishes too, the VegNews newsletter has mad ideas for this! But srsly, the Unturkey might switch ‘em, so force them to eat some of it, too!

Okay, so here’s what the inside looks like:

Here’s before I baked a massive one:

Here’s after I baked a massive one (THAT SHIT LOOKS LIKE TURKEY RIGHT? TASTES LIKE IT TOO):

Here are some other photos for your enjoyment, as well. Jonas made unturkey noodle soup! That shit was bananas! Or, that soup was hella tasty!

Happy unturkeying fools!

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