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This post has all of your Thanksgiving takeout/delivery options! Here’s a list of places you can go out to eat on the big day, so if you’re more of a “have enough strength and patience to leave your bed” person. Also, if you know of any places we missed, please let us know! (And if you’d rather dine out because eating at home is for suckers, check out this list!)

Now, let’s eat! Or, at least, prepare to!

Hella Vegan Eats has a VEGAN SPECTACULAR CATERING MENU HOLY SHIT ORDER FROM THEM. Must order by this Monday! Get on it! 

Andronico’s. We’re really into them lately, they’ve been really reaching out to the vegans! Support them! All items may be ordered in-stores or at their online Holiday Meal Store, for in-store pickup, through Wednesday, November 21st.  Phone orders will still be possible Thanksgiving Day through 1pm. The Vegan Dinner is fully cooked and featuresa Field Roast en croute, fresh green beans with shallots, vegan mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables, vegan mushroom gravy, cranberry-apple chutney, dinner rolls and vegan pumpkin pie. Serves 2, $34.99. 

Whole Foods has a Thanksgiving vegan meal deal option at most locations! For ordering, figure out your most convenient store, and make it happen, cap’n! 

Trader Joe’s has a vegan roast, frozen mashed sweet potatoes, and all sorts of other magic. Get at it!

Berkeley Bowl & Rainbow. No special meal deals but they have Field Roast En Croutes, Tofurkey feasts, and more!

Philip Gelb, an Oakland-based vegan chef, says that he’s available for deliveries in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. If you want to hear all about what he’s offering or perhaps work out a special request with him, send an email

Now, for the more important part of the day: Desserts!

Picnic Bakery will be selling dutch apple cream cheese coffeecakes for Thanksgiving by pre-order only. People can pick up their cakes at Kitchener Oakland (372 24th Street, Oakland) on Nov 20 between 6 and 9 pm OR at 1727 Haight St in SF on Nov 21 from 11am-noon. They will also coordinate delivery and drop-offs in San Francisco by request. We’ve tried this cake and HOLY SHIT IT IS AMAZING. I cannot recommend enough, this can make a holiday! Email to order, and I think you only have a couple days, so do it to it NOW if you want it!

Here’s a picture of it with some OCD Sweets vanilla bean caramel sauce on it FEAST YOUR EYES ON THE DELICIOUS:

Berkeley’s Cinnaholic has holiday flavors! Pumpkin spice and eggnog frostings, pumpkin butter, and toppings like gingersnaps, marshmallows, and apples. ORDER TODAY!

Oakland-based vegan bakeries Fat Bottom Bakery and Idle Hands Bakery will have special holiday treats! Look for pumpkin cupcakes with vegan cream cheese frosting from the ladies of FBB, and Idle Hands is offering spice cake (gluten-free option available) or pumpkin chocolate chip cake. 

San Francisco’s Mission Pie is doing a $20 apple-cranberry crumb-top pie for pick-up! DEADLINE FOR ALL ORDERS IS SUNDAY NOVEMBER 18 at 10 PM. PLEASE CALL 415-282-1500 or 415-282-4PIE(4743) to order.

Want to bring some stellar raw treats to the table? Don’t DIY it—unless you’re a pro/glutton for punishment (wrong kind of glutton on Thanksgiving!)—go for the large selection of Cafe Gratitude holiday pies, OR support a smaller local venture that’s equally delicious (if not more so!) and pick up a Side Saddle Kitchen Thanksgiving pies! They’ve got maple pecan, pumpkin, and a chili chocolate torte! SO DELICIOUS. [Please note: BOTH OF THESE ARE NOT CONFIRMED BUT LET US KNOW IF YOU FIND OUT!]

If you’re last minute-ish, Whole Foods and Rainbow will both have pies up until the day before/of. Get your scrumptious dessert on, Last-Minute Lazy! 

And if you’re super last-minute, you can look up a recipe online and make a damn pie. Or an Unturkey! Use our readers Thanksgiving meals as inspiration for making your whole damn meal. Hot damn, happy holidays!

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