A Very Rascal Thanksgiving  »

Since I am in charge of posting Thanksgiving pics today, of course I will post my own! As everyone knows, the Rascal household, while predominantly omni, is super vegan friendly. So as per usual, I had just as many options as the omnis, if not more. Above is my favorite, the root vegetable cobbler. It’s so good! A new classic.

My omni friend Kevin Still came to my house for Thanksgiving dinner and his only request was a green bean casserole. I’ve never had this, kind of 1950s, but he and I made a nice vegan version from PPK! It went over very well. 

Our neighbor and dear friend Jim is the regional pie king. Not only did he make like 4 omni pies for dessert, he made a lovely vegan apple pie just for me! See? It has the cutest V on it! That means it’s all for me.

And no holiday is complete without formal-wear-Fig. This is actually more his casual chic look. Very handsome!

Hope everybody had as nice a time as me!

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