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You’ve heard about Mission Street Food’s intention to become a full-time charitable restaurant, of course, and the organizers’ need for financial backers—they quote a figure of 100 people investing $500 each. Did that incline any of you toward the pecuniary?

We received an email from a Vegansaurus reader, who said she contacted Anthony Myint (you know, MSF head chef) and offered to invest $500 if MSF would keep vegan options on the menu. She said that “it appears Anthony is considering it.”

Any other vegans with money to spare may want to make a similar offer. We’re not assuring its success—that’s something that would be worked out between the Mission Street Food partners—but we certainly endorse the idea! It’d be a great way to truly invest in a delicious vegan future, and act on your beliefs. Regardless of our (many, many) disagreements with MSF regarding the cuisine, we’ve always admired its support of so many charities. And you know, if we had a spare $500, we’d make a vegan-money offer. Not that theoretical money means anything coming from us, but it’s sincere.

Updated on Feb. 2 at 8 p.m. to add this comment from Mission Street Food
"We do not encourage vegan investment.
"Someone did email me asking if we would have vegan options and I said we "might." Whether or not we have some vegan options will depend on a lot of factors, and one thing we are trying to avoid is upsetting anyone who would have invested with unrealistic expectations. While we may have vegan options, we cannot firmly commit to that right now. Furthermore, since we have no real stake in veganism, it would be a really misguided investment if that were a factor in the decision.

So there you go—another good idea in theory that doesn’t actually work in practice. Thanks so much to Anthony for his forthrightness. Now, back to the really vegan trenches, everyone.

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