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Videogum introduces the 2010 Puppy Bowl starting lineup!! Needs more !!!!!!!!

Why should you care about the Puppy Bowl? It is sponsored by disgusting-ass Pedigree, which is The Worst, and it’s all HEY PUPPIES without any of the HEY RESPONSIBILITY parts, which is what leads to shit like spending $1,000 on a super-special puppy and abandoning it two weeks later when it pees on the floor and doesn’t stop barking when you yell at it.

HOWEVER: the majority of the puppy bowl players are mixed breeds. Further, you cannot be a human being with a heart and begrudge puppies their adorability. Look at Jersey Boy, he is basically a blonde otter. COME ON.

Even further, puppies are objectively more entertaining than dudes in shiny outfits knocking brain damage into each other. Professional football is no Friday Night Lights, and if you need to spend 10 hours with the television on while you bicker through a mouthful of seven-layer dip about who’s the better runner or whatever with your friends, I posit that puppies both make for superior background TV and subjects of debate.

Don’t argue with me, I am on the side of PUPPIES.

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