“ So, how did the vegan craze hit Israel’s shores? By most accounts, it all started in April of last year, when Daniel Erlich and Hovav Amir, two animal-rights activists who run the online TV show Animal Log, added Hebrew subtitles to an American lecture about veganism and posted it on YouTube under the title “the best speech you’ll ever hear.” The lecturer is a Jewish American animal-rights activist named Gary Yourofsky, who usually speaks to high-school and college students in the United States. He is considered a criminal or even a terrorist by many, is banned from entering Canada and the U.K., and has a long history of arrests. „

This is a great article the a lovely reader named Michael sent us. It’s all about the rise of veganism in Israel. It’s a good read. I love the part about how these vegans got the main tofu supplier in the country to put a QR code on their packaging leading to the Yourofsky guy’s site. I’m not anti-QR code, they just usually lead somewhere completely useless. This is the proper use of a QR code.  


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