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Roll Call, a leading Capitol Hill newspaper, begins an article today chronicling HSUS’ successes for farm animals: “The Humane Society of the United States is almost single-handedly changing the way farmers feed America’s appetite for bacon.” And itscompanion article discusses HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle’s recent trip to India, noting, “But having Pacelle on the other side of the world — about as far away from Capitol Hill as possible — still gives the U.S. farm lobby reason for heartburn.” Both articles are really worth checking out.

You know the agribusiness lobby hates HSUS, but they think highly of their own advisors, like Dr. Temple Grandin. Well, in aspeech this week to the Iowa Farm Bureau, Dr. Grandin called their ag-gag law “dumb” and said they should instead focus on phasing out gestation crates.

Want more writing on the wall? In Australia, the two biggest grocery chains have both agreed to stop selling eggs from caged hens and pork from gestation crate systems. 

Finally, a few new videos from our friends came out this week:

  • Farm Sanctuary’s new video about the meat industry narrated by Steve-O
  • Compassion in World Farming’s new investigation of EU dairy farms
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund’s new video exposing backyard slaughter in Florida

 Video of the weekNo, not another abuse video like above. This is a truly incredible story about a man and a goose.

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