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YOU GUYS THIS IS VERY EXCITING. It’s a dispatch from my sister! Something you should know about my sister — she is a world-traveler extraordinaire/jet-setting juggernaut. She recently lived in Istanbul for awhile and explored many of the tasty vegan eats there with her awesome fiancee and my niece WHO IS THE CUTEST AND SMARTEST AND BEST CHILD ALIVE. I currently have it in the works to baby-nap her but let’s just keep that between us. Moving on!

One of my sister’s favorite places to eat in Istanbul was Loving Hut! The Supreme Master’s cult chain of delicious-ass eats is perfect for when you need a dose of yummy vegan meat in a foreign (to you!) land. Here’s what my sister had to say:

I’m not sure what all the Loving Hut restaurants have in common other than their names and veganism because LH Istanbul bears no resemblance to any of the other ones I’ve been to.  That doesn’t matter though, because LH Istanbul is DElicioius!  It’s a teeny-tiny little place with maybe five outside tables and a chalkboard menu.  It’s known for its burgers and they didn’t disappoint.  The burger patty was moist and flavorful and it came with a yummy vegan mayo plus pickles, lettuce and tomato.  My VERY non-veg boyfriend even enjoyed it.  I had a pasta topped with veggies and seitan sausage.  It was delicious, although, I have to say, my American stomach was not happy with the tiny portion.  Veggie baby Jane enjoyed both the burger and pasta immensely.  

All in all, we had a great experience.  On a side note, Turkish vegans are all about respecting animals and healthy living…except when it comes to smoking, ‘cause they were all lighting up!  Oh, and absolutely NO signs of Supreme Master. No Supreme Master TV, no pictures of her or of veggie celebrities, no sort-of-Vietnamese food — nothing!  

There are only a handful of veggie places in Istanbul and this one is consistently rated the best on So, if you’re in Istanbul, head to the Besiktas neighborhood (which is a really fun neighborhood to hang out in) for a meal and some shopping and sight-seeing.  

Update:  I just asked about SMTV and lo and behold, there’s a teeny-tiny TV screen tucked away inside playing it!


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