Make Dr. Blossom’s vegan sufganiyot for your Hanukkah celebrations!  »

Mayim Bialik shared her vegan sufganiyot recipe with PETA, because they’re pals, and it sounds delicious because when do jelly donuts not sound delicious? When you’re dead, I imagine. Unfortunately, PETA didn’t include a photo of these little treats, so we found a couple of other vegan sufganiyot recipes with gorgeous photos, because what’s a recipe without a picture?

The above is of Season of Karen's baked vegan sufganiyot, a variation on a recipe from Vegan Yum Yum. Below, Inhabitat's vegan and gluten-free version, adapted from a Babycakes recipe.
Which are you making? All three, right? Happy Hanukkah, let’s eat fried dough and potatoes until we pop!

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