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East & West Gourmet Afghan Food is a local company that makes these great bolanis. A bolani is a stuffed flatbread and it’s SUPER and VEGAN—yay! I happened upon this little meal when I was walking around Whole Foods one day and I walked by this guy who was set up with a little sampling table and whatnot. He was like, “want to try some blah blah blah?” And I was like “no.” He got all persistent so I was like, “No thanks, I’m vegan.” He’s like, “this is vegan!” That’s how they get you! But yes it was vegan so I had to try some and then the guy was totally all, “you should listen before you say no to something.” Megan Rascal: “I don’t know if that’s true.” What is true: I don’t like dudes I don’t know telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. Homeboy was lucky the bolani tasted good—otherwise, who knows (Pow! Right in the kisser!)!

They have four different kinds of bolani: spinach, potato, lentil and pumpkin. Thus far, I’ve only had the lentil because I was trying to be healthy-like. I would have gotten the spinach one but it’s never in stock! According to their website, spinach is the most popular bolani. However, the lentil one does have a bit of a spanakopita taste to it anyway which is great. I heat it up for 30 seconds in the microwave, but you could also toast it or whatever. It’s a free country.

The bolanis are a bit dry but have no fear! East and West Gourmet Afghan Food makes sauces too! How convenient! And seven of their eight sauces are vegan—more yay! I’ve been getting the bolanis at Whole Foods but they are also available at a bunch of farmers markets' throughout the area—including Island Earth. (Island Earth has been shut down, unfortch)

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