Brave GentleMan vegan suits are on preorder!   »


Vegan suit-enthusiasts, perk up! I don’t know how people have been buying suits but it seems hella difficult. Wool wool wool! Well if you want a super-fine suit that’s all vegan, Brave GentleMan is here to outfit you. They are quite expensive but it’s my understanding that well-made suits have always been expensive. And sometimes you pay for quality and the sense of wellbeing you get knowing children didn’t make your clothes.*

As has been pointed out previously, you don’t need to be a “gentleman” to wear these, chicks can wear them too, as can gender neutral peeps and really, anyone with two Gs. 

This is my favorite (besides the tux, obvi), the Convert:


So dope. Nothing like a fancy vegan in a suit, that’s what I always say.

*Brave GentleMan isn’t just vegan, the company is committed to fair-labor and sustainability as well.

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