“ Now, Brussels sprouts are generally very good for you. They have omega-3 fatty acids, and lots of different vitamins. But one of those vitamins is vitamin K, which promotes blood clotting, which, in case your brain is slow from eating a lot for the last few days, is the opposite of blood thinning. So, if you are taking a blood thinner, as many people with heart problems are, too much vitamin K is not a good thing. Eat a lot of vitamin K while on blood thinner and fully expect that the vitamin K will tell your medication to go fuck itself. (Stinky cheese, coffee, and kale all have the same problem.) „

It appears a man was hospitalized last year for eating too many Brussels sprouts! They are out to get you! But this doesn’t pertain to me as I’m not taking blood thinners, right? I think I’m cool on Brussels sprouts but I have been known to eat so much pineapple that my throat feels like I swallowed shards of glass. 

via the ever-entertaining Gothamist

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