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It’s the last Paul Shapiro's Animal News You Can Use! of 2012, PLEASE ENJOY! And we'll see you next year xoxoxoxo!

Remember HSUS’s groundbreaking undercover investigation at a Wyoming pig factory earlier in the year? This past week, a small amount of justice for pigs was delivered when authorities announced they’re charging nine people we caught on tape there, including two managers, with criminal animal cruelty charges based on our investigation.

I have a commentary that aired twice today on the DC NPR affiliate (WAMU) about why listeners should make cutting back on meat consumption their New Year’s resolution. Speaking of NPR, yesterday and today, NPR’s Morning Edition had two (here andhere) major stories on vegan eating.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune—the biggest paper in the third biggest pork production state—editorialized this past week against gestation crates. The paper notes, “The extreme confinement shows such a shocking disregard for animal welfare that they’re banned in nine U.S. states and soon will be in the European Union.” And by soon, they mean really soon. The EU ban takes effect next week!

Video of the week: My friend Adam Frank uploaded this just yesterday—the lion and lamb not really laying together, but more like playing together!

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