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Saturday morning, the day of the SF Vegan Bakesale, I ended up sleeping late because my new thing is not being awake, so I didn’t get over to the sale until the early afternoon. Boy, were things popping! There was of course a HUGE line outside the famous Ike’s Place but there was also quite a buzz around the bakesale tables. There was such a spread! I saw treats as exotic as peanut butter and jelly cinnamon rolls and red velvet whoopie pies, and as classic as chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. Being a true journalist, I took a wide sampling. It’s all in the name of science! The cinnamon rolls (from Cinnaholic!) were AMAZING. I also scored some nice and salty focaccia bread which was totally what I needed between sweets.

This vegan bakesale, I actually got off my lazy ass and contributed so there was also, ahem, some SUPERAWESOME coffee cake courtesy of moi (recipe to follow!). I can attest that it was good because I accidentally ate several pieces before I got to the bakesale. Pro tip!: make your goodies the day of if you want the maximum amount of product to actually make it to the sale. I made the coffee cake the night before. Silly me!

Of course, your Vegansaurus represented—Laura, Jonas, and Megan Allison! We did our Megan-power handshake! There was also some help from Doris, the first chicken I ever pet in my whole life! And some fine young folks from Cycles of Change APC even pitched in—special thanks to Jerrard and William!

All and all, I’d say it was quite successful. But I’ll let the numbers do the talking: this SF Vegan Bakesale profited $2,800! Holler!

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