Aw, Chips: “Too nice” bobcat kitten doesn’t fear humans enough to live in the wild  »

Remember little Chips, the bobcat kitten who was rescued after a fire in the Sierras in August? She was taken to Sierra Wildlife Resuce by firefighters whom she was following around, rubbing against their giant boots. Poor little orphan! Look at how tiny she was!

Now she’s a bigger girl, but she’s also entirely too desensitized to humans to live successfully in the wild. She has to learn how to feed and care for herself, and fear humans, because humans are collectively terrible jerks who will not be kind to a friendly bobcat.

She’s being desensitized with the help of two other rescued bobcats, Tuffy, who was hit by a car, and Sierra, who was abandoned by his mother. The Sacramento Bee reports the trio will be released in the spring. In the meantime, good luck turning into a proper wild animal, Chips! Get mean, you adorable, beautiful fluffball!

[Photos by USDA via Flickr; AP Photo/The Sacramento Bee, Randall Benton via SFist]

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