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The wonderful people at Animal Place have found a new way for you to support their work: The SHARES Card. SHARES stands for Supporting Humanities, Arts, Recreation, Education and Sports. They raise millions a year for various charities and now Animal Place is on board!


Get a card for FREE and every time you swipe it at Save Mart, S-Mart, FoodMaxx, or Lucky Supermarkets, a portion of your purchase goes to Animal Place. It’s available in California and northern Nevada (that’s where the stores are located). You can get a card by signing up here:

Here are links to the stores in the Bay Area:
FoodMaxx (you’ll have to type in your zip, but there’s one in Oakland.)
Save Mart 

In other news, meet Stanley! A recent Animal Place rescue and my new crush. Look, he’s trying to make an angry face! I know you ain’t angry, Stanley! Silly baby.


Newest bovine rescue at Animal Place - Stanley! His likes include nomming on grass like he’s a big cow, chasing his shadow, bottle-time, and gentle chin skritches. He looks forward to meeting big brother Theo in the coming months!”

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