Jan. 11th: Vegan Happy Hour comes back to SF!  »


That’s right, kids! Vegan Happy Hour will rear its drunken head at Hemlock Tavern once again! Details:

New year, new Vegan Happy Hour! See you this Friday, January 11th, at the Hemlock Tavern from 6 to 9. Bring a vegan dish to share—homemade or store bought—and join new hosts Erin Rea and Josh Heiskell for food and spirits!

DJ Devin Peralta will be providing the musical ambience while Nikki Sloate serves up the cocktails. Drink specials until 8pm.

I used to love Hemlock. I mean, I’m sure I still would, it’s just a bit of a commute from NY. I think Figgy got to go there too? He’s such a lush!

Check their FB and let the world know you’re going! 

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