Glorious Day: Center City Soft Pretzel Co. makes vegan Philly pretzels!   »


Yesterday I proclaimed my love for Philly pretzels and lamented the fact they aren’t vegan. Guess what! I was wrong! For the first time in history! Lovely reader Flocka Veli emailed me to let me know that Center City Soft Pretzel Co. does make entirely vegan pretzels—in fact the whole bakery is dairy-free! I swear to goodness like a million years ago when I was vegan and living in Philly I looked up every pretzel supplier and found nothing. Silly me! I wrote to the company to confirm and they said the only ingredients are flour, yeast and water—and salt of course if you get salted (you really should get salted). Can you believe it? I don’t think you understand how excited I am. I’m more excited than pretzel day in fourth grade! Not kidding.

Not only are Center City Soft Pretzel Co.’s pretzels great—they are THE place to go to get pretzels. The bakery opens at something like 4am I think? To supply all the vendors in the city. And you can roll up and buy a zillion FRESH BAKED pretzels for like a buck. It’s amazing. And while I always love Philly pretzels, right out of the oven is a whole other level of goodness. Yes, me and my sister spent many an early morning buying way more pretzels than would ever seem necessary (they were all necessary) while my dad played designated driver. Thanks dad!

Best news: It looks like you can order them online! BUT! I can’t tell if PretzelsDirect exclusively sends Center City Soft Pretzel Co. pretzels or if maybe they sell pretzels from multiple companies. If someone wants to call and ask and let me know, I would love you forever. I hate calling people. I hate anything you have to do in real life.

UPDATE!!! I emailed! They only send Center City Soft Pretzel Co. pretzels so we can totally order them and have them shipped! Yay!

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