In Boulder, Colo., on Sunday night, a hundreds of people held a candlelight vigil for a bull elk killed by a police officer and a sheriff’s deputy on Jan. 1. Mourners were angered and saddened, telling the Boulder Daily Camera that “It was a beautiful, beautiful elk” who they felt was a “guardian” and “ part of the neighborhood,” who had returned to the Mapleton Hill area for two years.

Get the full story at the Daily Camera, where you can learn such fun facts as the police officer suspected of killing the elk owns a taxidermy website, and see the photos the men took of their kill. People in Boulder are rightfully very angry about their harmless neighborhood elk being killed just for being their harmless neighborhood elk.

Edit: The video is down! But it’s very sweet; go watch it at the Daily Camera.

[Story via Ken Layne at The Awl, where he covers the animal beat]

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